News & Notes 734:Matrimandir Half Yearly Report - July to December 2017

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28 January 2018

Matrimandir Half Yearly Report - July to December 2017

An Overview of Projects Development and Finances

During the last six months, the Matrimandir team has been focused on completing a number of projects before Auroville’s 50th anniversary, as well as preparing for activities in the Amphitheatre during February.

During November, a new door was built and installed in the Maheshwari pillar of Matrimandir, making this fourth and final entrance available for general use. This South pillar of Matrimandir has never before been open for general usage.

Beneath the Eastern rim of the Amphitheater the Green Room, built as a space where people can prepare themselves to perform in the Amphitheater, has been brought to completion and will be in general use before the end of January.

Looking forward to performances in the Amphitheater the Matrimandir team has assisted in the construction of a number of major props needed for the Feb 17th SEAS program.

For dancers, gymnasts and others taking part in these same events we have purchased:

  • A large professional demountable stage to be mounted near the Urn.
  • A set of professional sound equipment
  • Stage lighting equipment (this item is still in process)

Beneath the Western rim of the amphitheater the Tools Center has been brought close to completion also. This space will serve as the central storage and distribution point for all garden tools over the decades to come.

Within the 12 gardens of Matrimandir, the Garden of Progress has been brought close to completion, and will be virtually complete before February 28th 2018.

Detailed planning has been made for the “Garden of the Unexpected” which is to be located on the Western side of the gardens oval, just beyond the Garden of Unity. This garden, envisioned by Roger Anger, is intended to be used by Children, or for the Child in all of us.

The remaining eight gardens of Matrimandir, yet to be built, are under intense consideration, with preparation underway to make a wide call for input at the level of design.

Other aspects of the site have been upgraded in anticipation of the needs of the coming months at Matrimandir. These include:

  • The installation of an optical fiber cable network servicing the main building, the gates and the offices on site.
  • Extension of the visitors’ toilets at the Unity office, with the inclusion of an accessible toilet.
  • The construction of a new watchman shed at the West gate of the site.

Given below is an overview of the financial flow at Matrimandir over the last six months showing, in summary, the amounts spent on the projects which have been mentioned above.


The total expense for the last six months (Rs. 181.9 Lakhs) minus the project expenses (73.7 Lakhs) leaves an amount of Rs. 108.2 Lakhs which were the operational expenses for this period. These operational expenses include: Aurovilian maintenances (53 people), wages for workers, Visitors Reception, fuel, administration, catering, publication, compost production and maintenance of: vehicles, machinery, generator, electrical equipment, gardens, petals and site buildings.

Report from the Matrimandir executives (Aurosylle, Eric, Hemant, John, Jyoti, Louis, Vladimir)