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28 January 2018

Chris Gray proceeds

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In the morning of Friday 19 January, our dear, long-time friend and brother, Aurovilian Christopher Gray, left his body at the age of 75 in his Yantra home due to heart failure. His partner Isha was at his side.

Most of us know this tall and lanky American, who has been around Auroville forever. In 1971 he arrived with his then wife and two small daughters in a blue Mercedes Van which was used for all kinds of transport for years. During his first ten years here, besides stewarding the land, he started a first bread & biscuit bakery in Aspiration, ran cycle workshops in Certitude and Abri and taught youngsters the bicycle trade. Having teamed up with Jocelyn B, the couple went temporarily back to USA in 1982.

In the States, Chris was offered a job to get into marble work, a profession and knowledge that turned out to be of crucial importance when the marble work at Matrimandir started. Chris travelled back and forth many a time to advise the Matrimandir team on the quality and particulars of the marble needed, and taught them how to cut and clean it.

In 2001 he returned to Auroville for good and worked as a much appreciated and sagacious massage therapist in Quiet, to then start his much attended bicycle repair & renovation shop in the Solar Kitchen compound.

After a few days in the Crown Road Farewell Centre, Chris’s remains were buried in Adventure in the late, light afternoon of Monday 22nd. A great many of his friends came together, creating a fitting farewell with flowers and incense, gentle sixties’ guitar music and song, hugs and love around.

'Auroville lets him go with fondest memories, gratitude and prayers. Our love and support go out to his daughters in USA, partner Isha and Jocelyn, and to all his friends here and abroad.


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