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6 January 2018

The City of Friends

“Under the blue sky there is the gold city. A garden is in it with grass, flowers and with very beautiful animals” (A Russian song).

I’m sure that this song is about Auroville. So many nice animals are present in the city! Once as I was riding through the cycling path between the Solar Kitchen and Pitanga and I came across a big cobra on the path, it was beautiful but dangerous. I spoke to it and soon after my way was free again. Dr. Veena in Aurelec told me: in the past she had six dogs. One day she saw that they were sitting in a semi-circle and were all looking towards one point – a cobra was there. Veena phoned Djaima community and an old Aurovilian arrived. He charmed the snake and the serpent left Veena’s place.

In the middle of December, I saw a cobra and I felt it was not really a reptilian but rather “rumba kashtam” (according to a Tamil expression) – a great problem. Who could help me? I turned to two of my friends who work in Aurelec – one is Italian “Nicola” and one is Russian “Tatyana” and they helped me; I also I understood that many Aurovilians have the same problems and go to Nicola and Tatyana for help. Of course the friends in Aurelec (“Linea”) help them with kind smiles. Those are the golden chains linking Aurovilians throughout the city. Auroville is a place of brotherhood.

Sometimes I compare Auroville to other cities – for example Delhi. On the one hand the strong pollution in Delhi and on the other the green environment in Auroville – those are the different conditions for life and friendship between people.