News & Notes 729:Dear Hans

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23 December 2017

Dear Hans

Being with you in the last phase of your life, in your struggle, pains and desperation,

Still you were able to listen, you observed and you tried to find solution to our problems.

Still you were able to speak.

Your unforgettable passion for the F 1 Races and the GP Motorcycle Races you left with us.

How clear and true and free you looked in your passing to The New World,

Free of tension and obsession,

Who would win The F1 World championship this year - Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel.

The very last race of this season,

God kept you in your bed, preparing you for Your New World.

We all from your surroundings, we will never forget you,

Thanking you, for being such a good friend, a so, so different friend.

With all my Love - Ramu (Isai Ambalam) [17 December 2017]