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16 December 2017

Dear Hans

Sitting in the MM Amphitheater, I am trying to understand that Hans has left his body. This morning at Farewell, during my duty, I enjoyed his fine, smooth face, where no anger, no fear, no stress, no fight is expressed any more... So peaceful! And so youthful!

I'm missing him in everyday life... No sharing, no discussion, no coffee together any more...

He was never hiding his opinion, even if it was not mainstream. He was a rich source of information.... and of deeper knowledge.

A good listener, he was always ready to help with loving advice. He could be stubborn, edgy, independent, but always respectful and tolerant of others. He was a faithful comrade, always true to himself. His deep honesty is something I always greatly appreciated…

His love for technical challenges; his gift for technology and electronics led him to do a lot of experimenting; he was great at repairing things, and developed many handy and helpful gadgets, for companies as well as private people.

It was impossible to manipulate him. He couldn’t tolerate injustice, and would stand up for his rights… This brought him some very tough times in Silence and made him often feel lonely. He bore and bore, working on himself, aspiring to transformation…

In Buddhist monasteries overseas he found spaces to recover, gather new energies, and find the strength to carry on in Auroville. I could well understand his thoughts of looking for a home somewhere else on the planet. But in Auroville too, he had people whom he could trust, who appreciated him, giving him a feeling of acceptance, safety and belonging.

Now he has gone home… May his soul merge in peace with the Light of the Divine.

As for me, I am happy to have met this passionate soul.