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9 December 2017

Hans Siddha proceeds

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In the early morning of Wednesday 6 December, our good friend and brother Hans Pfunder left his body in Marika’s Senior Home in Samasti guided by a team of helpers and friends. Suffering from a terminal illness, his health had been deteriorating these last years. He would have been 65 next week.

Hans, who had trained as electrician in Germany, had been coming to Auroville in earlier years and joined us for good in June 1996. Living till last year a solitary life in Silence adjacent to Verité, his self-styled ‘Innovations Unlimited’ supplied Aurovilians with a wide range of handy little electronic gadgets that followed the trend of the times.

His yearly sojourns in small Buddhist ashrams in Thailand and Myanmar gave him perspective, peace and deep understanding.

Farewell, Siddha. We will miss your friendly presence and insights; may you go in peace.

“Gate gate, para gate, para sam gate, bodhi svaha!”


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