News & Notes 726: Nature’s Wisdom

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726 icon.jpg   News & Notes 726
2 December 2017

Nature’s Wisdom

“Don’t hurry, be happy!” (the snail’s motto).

Once I saw a bandage on a young lady’s head in Aspiration community. I asked: “What happened?” and she replied: “I was riding a motorbike and suddenly a cow appeared on the road and I fell from the motorbike”. Of course the cow walked more slowly than the motorbike, it didn’t fall and had no bandage on its head.

At Santé I met a lady with some bandages on her legs. She said: “It was a result of my stupidity. I was doing “good” speed on my motorbike but I had an accident”. I know one Aurovilian who could have a new fast motorbike but he prefers using an old and slow motorbike. I think he is wise like the snail, cow - like Nature.

The first Aurovilians, the pioneers of our city had no motorbikes but they had a strong will to transform the semi-desert landscape into a green oasis. It needed work in collaboration with nature, at a natural rhythm, natural tempo. They had much success. When Auroville started, there were sandy storms like in the Sahara: it was hurtful to the faces. After some strong rains, the ocean near the Auroville’s shore was reddish brown: the ground upper layer moved into the ocean – the erosion was very intense. One Frenchman arrived from Paris in 1969 and lived in Aspiration community (he had another name for the first time); he wrote that it wasn’t possible to hear any bird singing in those first years. Now there is a great chorus of singing birds in Aspiration and they sing: “Glory, glory to the first Aurovilians, the pioneers!”

Jean in Two Banyans told me: “I tried some agriculture and noticed that if a tomato plant had its roots in water then the hot wind killed the green part of the plant. It needed a windbreaker - the forest. Now my wife and I have been caring for the forest for more than forty years and we have created a good windbreaker”. Glory, glory!