News & Notes 726:ICITI Project Cost Sharing by Community

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2 December 2017

ICITI Project Cost Sharing by Community

Dear Residents, the ICITI project has been funded and supported from many contributing sources, one of the sizable one being the Government of India grant to Auroville. The GOI grant supports the capital expenditures of the project (cap-ex) to offset costs in the laying of the infrastructure of the intranet backbone, the systems and equipment to setup the networking and computing servers to allow for the management of the data and traffic infrastructure. The GOI grant is not usable against the operating expenses (op-ex) for deploying and maintaining the intranet, nor for the data pipes that will be necessary for the residential and commercial part of the community data needs. There are many expenses related to setting and maintaining the network that have to be raised through various other means. The overarching goal is to setup the optical fiber infrastructure and transition the communication backbone to internal resources allowing for a rollout of myriad range of community services in this digitally connected societies.

From the get go the project has been envisaged to be funded from several sources. The fiber cable to the community premises or to a public campus will be provided by the ICITI rollout team. It has been our view that the internal wiring or equipment necessary to augment the data and network use at premises will need to be supported by stewards of the premises in order to connect to the community resources and services that will be rolled out over the next year and more. This allows a portion of the project sustainability cost to come from within the community on a piece meal basis as we grow.

Only together we can rollout this project and make it self-sustaining. We need continued support from the community at large.

Chandresh for ICITI rollout team at Aurinoco Systems