News & Notes 723:House of Mother's Agenda

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11 November 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

(This is the season of ‘pujas’, the time of rituals to the Universal Mother.)

Do you want some silence?

Yes, Mother, if you like.... I'm tempted to ask you if Durga won a victory this year?

We shouldn't talk about it. I think it was a REAL victory.

(Mother plunges in till the end.
Then Sujata draws near her)

Did I give you the [blessing] packets yesterday?

Of ‘Victory’, yes.

(To Satprem:) Did he get the Victory?

(Satprem:) Yes, Mother, I hope so! [laughter]
(Sujata:) Which victory, Mother?

Which victory? But there is only one, my child.

Which is?

Which is THE Victory ... we can call it what we like: the Victory of Truth over Falsehood, the Victory of the Lord over his creation.

Which means the creation will now go consciously towards the Divine?


Eh, Mother? No? Not yet? ... Not quite yet?

Well, that Victory is still only for a few.

The creation consciously going towards its divine Origin and ready to manifest that Origin is still only for a few. I think it will take centuries until it becomes general — oh, centuries, maybe millenniums!

But what matters is for us to be the few who are conscious, who consciously ... (silence, Mother opens her hands) ... manifest the Divine. That is our victory, for a few of us, which we can and must win and embody — by “win”, I mean overcome the material resistance in the body (Mother pinches the skin of her arm). That we can and it is our duty to overcome — I mean all the stupid unconscious resistance. That must come to an end. This is our work, and it must be done here (pointing to the body).


You say it will take centuries or even millenniums. But, for instance, would it not go faster by contagion? No?

We'll see, mon petit! Let's first do what we should do. Let's concentrate on that.

Let's do what we should do.

Yes, Mother.

Agenda, October 18, 1972

Look how lovely!

(Mother gives Satprem a white lotus)

And you, Mother, how are you?

(after a long silence)

You see, I would either have to describe every single thing that keeps happening, or say nothing at all.

When I say nothing and just stay like this (gesture, open hands) ... in an attitude of absolute surrender, things go on well. But if the SLIGHTEST thing pulls me out of it, I feel ... as if I were about to die.


When I am in that position, I get the feeling that ... life is eternal.


And when I come out of it, there's a horrible discomfort. That's my condition.


Well, what do you want?

What you want.

(Mother plunges in till the end)

Agenda, October 21, 1972

The Ponder Corner: “It is yourself that burns yonder millions of miles away in the infinite reaches of Space, that walks with confident steps on the tumbling billows of the ethereal sea; it is you who have set the stars in their places and woven the necklace of the suns not with hands but by that Yoga, that silent actionless impersonal Will which has set you here today listening to yourself in me.”

Sri Aurobindo
Isha Upanishad, p.131