News & Notes 723:A “Concrete Human Unity” for our 50th Birthday

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723 icon.jpg   News & Notes 723
11 October 2017

A “Concrete Human Unity” for our 50th Birthday

We are planning to celebrate
Our coming 50th Birthday.
And yet some things we tolerate,
That deny Human Unity…
Let's drop the name "Human Resource"!...
None of us is, ever will be:
We're all expressions of One Source
And much more than our eyes can see.
Auroville is but one Body.
We are sharing the Soul all right
But the cells of that one Body
Are still too often in a plight!…
All of us in a Working-Group
Do what they can, and lots of good,
But still some are left in the soup
Without a roof or without food.
Centralization cannot solve
Every need, every situation,
It takes individual resolve
To see the need, and take action.
Anyone, at any moment,
Can suddenly be broke, or sick:
The Health Fund is not sufficient
To cover all with its magic...
Let's build a true Togetherness,
A true concern for each other,
Let's build a sense of Oneness,
Of sharing of what we gather.
Our City must be homely,
A new form of Collective Life
Born of a sense of Family
Instead of all the usual strife.
It must begin with each of us
Looking at others with the heart
Instead of all these disastrous
Judgments that make our mind feel smart.
No administration can know
An individual as we can,
Who are their co-workers, or go
To their home, and see there's no fan,
Because, well, simply we love them
And we appreciate them also
As Aurovilians, just the same
As we ourselves are, and although
They may be really different
In their looks or their opinion,
- The surface that is apparent -
Yet in our hearts there is union…
Only the eyes of Love can see
The true worth of another Soul.
The Mind's sight is a fallacy,
It doesn't understand at all.
We each know well a few others.
Let's speak for them without shyness…
If they are in need, who bothers
If not our Heart Connectedness?
Whom are you ready to speak for
In our meetings, our working-groups,
So that they get just a bit more
As a true soldier in our troops?
Or if you have enough to share
Perhaps the help can come from you?
When it is a friend's meagre fare,
Of course you will help, will not you?
Let us forget about our Past
And all the fears that we have learned:
Let Compassion move us at last
To a Future not money-earned!
At least in this place, for a start,
Let us live in Togetherness:
When we look at all with the heart,
All deserve basic happiness.
Our true New Organization
Is really this Network of Love
Connecting our population,
Each of us acting as a hub.
The "Something Else', as some will say,
Is not so mysterious in fact:
It is just Love, and our Birthday
Needs mostly That for full impact...
Each one's unique contribution
Deserves it, through its own true worth.
If Love does this Celebration,
We'll all experience a Rebirth!

A Note from Bhaga
(Laboratory Of Evolution - Centre For Human Unity Research)