News & Notes 722:The Artistic Ecocompositions

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722 icon.jpg   News & Notes 722
4 November 2017

The Artistic Ecocompositions

“Tat Tvam asi” (Sanskrit) – that’s You (the Lord).

There are two remarkable pictures in the Aspiration community, a painting and a photo. The painting is on the kitchen wall (outside), a girl from Mumbai, our guest, created it. A jellyfish and a whale are on it – more real than reality. The ocean is strongly polluted nowadays but the part of ocean on the Aspiration’s wall is clean. This jellyfish and this whale are very beautiful and I always feel happy when seeing them.

There was a time on our planet when all life concentrated in the ocean. In that period every Aurovilian had other image, no one used motorbikes or computers. The ocean was clean – no plastic garbage, no oil in it.

Another nice picture in the community is a big photo from Mexico: cactus flowers and a flying hummingbird before them. Sometimes America received the name “New World” and therefore Europe with Asia in this case is “Old World”. In the Old World for the hummingbird they use the word “colibri”. Some Aurovilians are sure that colibri-hummingbirds live in our city. It is a mistake; we have instead the sunbirds (Nectarinia for scientists). Only one colibri-hummingbird is in the Old World – in Aspiration’s kitchen, on the artistic photo together with the red cactus flowers.

We have at the present time a great biodiversity in Auroville. But the Lord also created jellyfishes, whales and hummingbirds for our joy and surprise before the fantastic treasures of the living nature. How many pearls on the bottom of the ocean, how much beauty on the lands! What do people use it for? On the Kurukshetra field for 18 days one could hear Arjuna’s and Krishna’s shells. They were the battle sounds for the killing of people. Mankind cannot use nature for goodness only.