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4 November 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

Because ‘that’ doesn't permeate here....

It does permeate, but.... To be exact, we can say that it permeates with difficulty, but it does permeate. That's what causes the impression that life is awful. Personally, I feel that life is downright ridiculous — grotesque. Grotesque.


One must be thoroughly convinced of it before one can expect to receive that Consciousness. You know what I would say? It's a good sign — it's not pleasant, but it's a good sign.

But, of course, at best — at the very best — we are transitional beings. And well, transitional beings.... But the consciousness of the inner being ultimately gets stronger, you follow? Stronger even than the consciousness of the material being. So the material being can be dissolved, but the inner consciousness remains stronger. It is of that consciousness that we can say, “This is me.”


There you are. THAT is the important thing.

The important thing.

As for me, the purpose of this body is now simply: the Command and the Will of the Lord, so I can do as much groundwork as possible. But it isn't the Goal at all. You see, we don't know, we don't have the slightest knowledge of what the supramental life is. Therefore we don't know if this (Mother pinches the skin of her hand) can change enough to adapt or not — and to tell the truth, I am not worried about it, it's not a problem that preoccupies me too much; the problem I am preoccupied with is building that supramental consciousness so IT becomes the being. It's that consciousness which must become the being. That's what's important. As for the rest, we'll see (it's the same as worrying over a change of clothing). But it must truly be IT, you see. And in order to do that, all the consciousness contained in these cells must aggregate, form and organize itself into an independent conscious entity — the consciousness in the cells must aggregate and form into a conscious entity capable of being conscious of Matter as well as conscious of the Supramental. That's the thing. That's what is being done. How far will we be able to go? I don't know.

You understand?

Yes, Mother, I understand very well.

How far we'll go, I don't know. I feel that if I last up to my hundredth birthday, that is, another six years, much will be accomplished — much. Something significant and decisive will be accomplished. I am not saying that the body will be able to get transformed ... I have no such signs, but the consciousness — the physical, material consciousness becoming... ‘supramentalized’.

That's it, that's the work now in progress. And that's what's important. You too, you must be able, you must be destined to do that also, hence your disgust. But instead of dwelling on the disgust, you should dwell on the identification with the consciousness you are in when you are sitting still. You follow? That's the important part.

That's the important part.

(Satprem rests his forehead on Mother's knees. Sujata approaches)

I am beginning to understand why Sri Aurobindo always said it was woman (Mother caresses Sujata's cheek with her finger) that could build a bridge between the two. I am beginning to understand. One day, I'll explain. I am beginning to understand. Sri Aurobindo used to say: it is woman that can build a bridge between the old world and the supramental world. Now I understand.

(Satprem:) Yes, I understand too.

Then it's all right. We must have patience.

(Mother presses her index finger against Sujata's chest.)

Will you remember what I said?

April 26, 1972

How are you?

I don't know, so-so.

Nothing particular?

No, Mother, nothing particular. And you?

Mother sits gazing)

You are more conscious of what has to be demolished than of what is being built.

Yes, it's true yes, I am very conscious of that.

Yes, of what must be demolished, but it's more interesting to be conscious of what's being built.

But, Mother, when at every step you're made to face all sorts of things that aren't very ... that you want to get rid of.

But that's down there (gesture to the ground). You must look above.


But is it getting built in spite of all the resistance?

Fortunately! Fortunately — because those who ought to be helping aren't helping. Thank God it's happening in spite of everything!


It's like asking me whether the divine Consciousness is stronger than the obscure little consciousness of humans.

(Mother plunges in)

April 29, 1972

The Ponder Corner: “Let the waves of the past flow far from you, carrying away with them all attachments and all weaknesses.
      The luminous joy of the divine consciousness is waiting ready to take their place.”