News & Notes 722:Concerning Dr. Karan Singh and the announcement of his new book

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4 November 2017

Concerning Dr. Karan Singh and the announcement of his new book

I wanted to share this short anecdote about my first meeting with Dr. Karan Singh. Michael Gorbatchev had invited 600 people from around the world to meet in Moscow for the declaration of the end of the Soviet Union and the advent of a new Russia in 1991. As destiny would have it, and for some inexplicable reason, (for surely there were better candidates), Forrest and I were invited as representatives from India. As we stood among all these dignitaries with our books and pamphlets on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, a rather tall Indian gentleman approached me with a deep determination in his eyes and confided that Sri Aurobindo has been a really important inspiration for his life. He then pulled out a photograph from his pocket of Sri Aurobindo and we stood staring at this tiny portrait of one of the largest figures in modern Indian history. At that time Dr. Karan Singh did not have a deep connection with Auroville and the Mother, but I found his commitment and dedication to Sri Aurobindo to be remarkable. Over the years and in different contexts, I have watched him as he began to understand the Mother’s role in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga and our mission in this chaotic anarchistic community.

Dr. Karan Singh has given Auroville his best and has been infinitely patient with us. We owe him our deepest gratitude.