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4 November 2017


Coordination of Auroville Learning Activities
COALA (at)

What is COALA?

COALA is a group set up by the Auroville Council to coordinate all non-formal learning activities in Auroville. There are two main parts to the work of COALA: implementing the Guidelines for Auroville Learning Activities (ALA) and developing the ALA sector. The current members of COALA are Daniel, Dhanya, Dominique, Gijs, Lalit, Leena, Lisa, Manas, Sam and Sandyra. The members meet every Wednesday.

Can COALA help my learning activities?

COALA can support you by:

  • Promoting your learning activities using multiple methods, such as the Web, a printed handbook and a consolidated calendar of events. These marketing channels are currently being developed.
  • Helping you connect with resource persons and venues.
  • Helping you register your learning activity as a part of an Auroville unit.
  • Helping you understand regulatory requirements, such as visa, GST and financial contribution.

How can I collaborate with COALA to develop the ALA sector?

If you are passionate about developing the ALA sector, do write to us. We would like to involve many people with interest and experience in training, facilitation, logistics, event management, economy and other relevant areas.

Where can I find the ALA guidelines?

The current set of ALA Guidelines is available here. If you are unable to download the document, please send us an email and we will send you the Guidelines.

How can I get in touch with COALA?

Write to us at COALA (at)