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14 October 2017

Andrey of Djaima

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In the evening of Sunday 8 October, our Aurovilian brother Andrey Grigorachtchenko from Russia, passed away at the age of 58 in the family’s house in Djaima. After a sudden faint, he left his body; his sons were with him at the time.

Called by Auroville’s ideals, Andrey came on his own to Auroville in 1985 where he was welcomed as the first Russian and lived for some time in Ekta, Auromodele. In 1997 he came back to stay, accompanied by his wife Svetlana and their two young sons, Terentij and Ivan.

His body was taken to the Farewell Centre where friends could bid him goodbye. The burial took place at Adventure’s funeral grounds in the afternoon of Thursday 12 October.

Praying for his smooth transition to the Light, we offer our warmest condolences to Svetlana and sons Terentij and Vanya.