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7 October 2017

Report of the Working Committee

Main topics dealt with in September 2017:

Minutes meeting Governing Board

The minutes of the 50th meeting of the Governing Board held on August 13 and 14 have been published in last week’s News and Notes and on the Auronet: [...]

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for all Trusts and Units of the Auroville Foundation, as approved by the Governing Board (and slightly amended by the office of the Secretary to tone down unnecessary legalistic language as requested by the Board) has been published on the Auronet [...]

Entry Board – proposed selection process

After the approval of the revised Entry Policy by the Residents’ Assembly on 23rd September, 2017, the next step is the selection of an Entry Board. In the last week’s News & Notes we have informed the community that, since the annual selection process of other working groups is on-going, the AvC, the WCom and the RAS are of the opinion that an additional full selection process for an Entry Board would be difficult to mobilise at this moment. There is a participation and information saturation of the community, and starting another full participatory selection process now will be a burden on the RAS and the residents. For this reason we have jointly proposed that the AvC and WCom together select a full Entry Board (9 members) and open the Entry Service to new applications by the end of November 2017. As usual, the community would be requested to nominate candidates and provide feedback on a list of candidates. This Entry Board will only serve for a period of one year, e.g. till November 15, 2018, when, after a full participatory selection process, a new Entry Board will have been selected by the community. Comments on this proposal are invited.

Aadhaar camp

414 of the 421 registered residents have enrolled in the second aadhaar camp held in September at the office of the Auroville Foundation. Together with the first aadhaar camp, over 700 Auroville residents have now applied for / received their aadhaar card.

We have no plan, for the time being, to organize a third aadhaar camp. Those who need an aadhaar card are advised to go to the

Aadhaar Enrolment Center
28 Near First Cross, Krishna Nagar Main Rd., Puducherry 605008
phone 0413 221 4166

People are advised to call before they go, and bring valid documents (such as Residential Permit or Stay Visa, Driving Licence, etc...).

We would like to express our gratitude to Eric for organising the camp and to the Foundation office and Mr. Srinivasmurty for hosting it.

Ambassador visits

Ambassadors of Ecuador and Italy have visited Auroville and have been received by the Working Committee together with other community members.

Beach erosion

The Working Committee has met with residents from Samarpan Guest House, Eternity, and Samuthira to discuss short term needs and a long-term solution to the problem of sea erosion.

A house in Samuthira is in danger of collapsing due to beach erosion. In May this year, a visit of the Collector and Superintendent of Police to the place was organized but the issue lost momentum for lack of follow up and because of continuing resistance from the surrounding communities Although the Village headmen have now agreed that emergency measures can be implemented on Auroville land, for which the FAMC had already allocated funds, the work still could not proceed as fishermen blocked lorries carrying stones from unloading and reaching Samuthira,At present, the matter is being taken up with the Secretary and through him, with the Collector. A long-term solution for the entire beach stretch needs to be worked out and agreed upon by all parties. In order to do this, a meeting with all the relevant parties will be organised as soon as possible. Hopefully, this will result in a more comprehensive approach to the problem and will allow for work to be done.


Representatives of the Working Committee, FAMC and the Under Secretary of the Auroville Foundation had a meeting with chartered accountant Mr. Manuel Thomas and two GST specialists in Chennai on how to implement GST in Auroville. This is the first of a series of meetings, as the matter is extremely complicated. We will keep you informed when we have more information.

Sraddhalu Ranade

The classes of Mr. Sraddhalu Ranade at Savitri Bhavan have been resumed. These classes were stopped some years ago in the wake of the court cases initiated by Mr. Ranade against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its officials, at the request of the then Working Committee.

As the court cases are still pending and Savitri Bhavan should not be seen as an Auroville institution that supports the views of Mr. Ranade, we have requested Savitri Bhavan to reconsider its decision. A reply is expected.

Sexual harassment

The Working Committee is appalled by recent cases of sexual harassment on the roads in Auroville, and thanks the Auroville Safety & Security Team (AVSST) for issuing a public warning and extending the availability of its escort service to 11 pm. We strongly support the recommendations made in the announcement of the AVSST and strongly advise everyone to remain vigilant while travelling unaccompanied at night and to keep all security numbers handy. We will request for enhanced police patrolling and police presence.

50th planning

A permanent representative from the Working Committee has joined the 50th team from August onwards. Work continues, including preparations for the possibility of the Prime Minister’s visit.

Communication strategy

The Working Committee along with Outreach Media, and others has participated in the first of a series of discussions centred around Auroville’s general communication strategy. More details in following reports when clear results are reached.

The Working Committee (Angela, Carel, Hemant, Inge, Kumar, Mandakini, Ranjithkumar)