News & Notes 718:Open Letter to the Great Community about the FAMC and Proposal for the Next Appointments

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7 October 2017

Open Letter to the Great Community about the FAMC and Proposal for the Next Appointments

Following the general assembly convened by the FAMC on 26/09/20017 (yesterday) and having been nominated to participate in the selection process and potentially to integrate a working group, I would like to give a personal reading and make a proposal.

First of all, the presentation was very informative and it became clear that the team is particularly welded.

The intention was to restructure the thematics, activities and new financial spaces in relation to which the group does not hide its desire to become a leader in the management of all kind of funds and fixed assets of Auroville as soon as possible. And it must be acknowledged that there is a solid groundwork that has been achieved.

However, this presentation comes a little late in the calendar, as some of the modifications inherent in the overall project have already seen a few abrupt (rather brief and purely factual) presentation initiatives for simple feedback by the community, whereas the overall reading was not yet available.

It should also be noted that some aspects of the overall project go beyond a simple executive mandate given the level of restructuring sought.

There may be a lack of communication that will have to be corrected in the future, especially since transparency has been placed at the heart of the future intentions of the group.

If the idea that because many Aurovilians do not have accounting or financial competence they could not understand a global management project and that a factual and minimalist communication would be sufficient, it seems to me that the notion of transparency should be reviewed with a little more pedagogy. A pedagogy which was not lacking in the presentation of yesterday, so there is only a question of order in things.

But because criticism is always easier than action, I would not want to leave it at that. And the real objective of this open letter is to make a proposal to the community to argue that a certain vacuum still needs to be filled in our still experimental structure where working groups are mandated by the larger community; at least, is this how it should be.

My deep feeling at the end of this presentation is that the current group - but even more so the actions it proposes - seem to be in good correspondence with the expectations of the community in terms of the overall financial management of the wealth of Auroville, and monitoring that must be made.

On the other hand, it is more debatable to see it as a link with Auroville's other wealth, namely human wealth, as was raised in the questions and answers, and has remained unanswered, and for good reason!

We, Aurovilians and assimilated, are in varying degrees the actors of the fulfillment of a dream that began long ago and that we want to concretize. In particular, the great community that we form has a deep hope of finding the way of human unity in the advent of a spiritual era where economic and social issues will have to obey other points of view that what the old patterns of hoarding, financial investment, investment, profitability and competition, etc., dictate to us.

This is why I would like to propose to the community to integrate this dimension at the level of the highest executive groups in the hierarchy of our internal organization.

Of course, intentions are already being laid in this direction in most of the mandates, including the FAMC. But reality shows that day-to-day organizational and management activities quickly take over. That the skills needed for financial management are not in line with the more innovative and experimental skills demanded by the new economies.

And that, in the end, there is rarely real innovation in this sphere.

My proposal is to reserve a member (or even to appoint an additional member) of the FAMC or the AVC to collect, helping to deepen, clarify and publicize the community's proposals on the issue of new economies.

Because I am concerned not to put the community totally outside the selection process to come, I ask you to respond to this initiative to show the weight of your support in this project.

Measuring that sincerity is the greatest disinhibitor of our fears,
Yves Laborde (Udumbu)
YvesL (at)