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7 October 2017

Joy of Impermanence

Dear Auroville community members and contributors,

After 9 months of gestation, we thought it was time to share with you the outcome of an intensive collective work between 7 people really eager to manifest something positive and useful for the project of the township of Auroville.

So here we come with a project called "Joy of Impermanence" which intends to support as an umbrella the creation of spiritual communities in Auroville with the same common principles and missions but each of them with their own name, personality, flavor and colour.

5 principles:

  • Impermanence (5 years)
  • Community spirit (Do it together)
  • Sustainable (natural material)
  • Do it Yourself (no money exchange between members)
  • Self Sufficiency (orientation with-in Auroville)

5 missions:

  • Protect the lands of AV
  • Bring life to unoccupied lands with affordable housing
  • Improve relations with villages
  • Expose AV findings of research
  • Stimulate creativity

In the ideal plan, after the beginning of this first experiment, when it will be a success, the goal will be to multiply it in Auroville to reach out as many unutilized land as possible with as many people as possible, everyone moving according to a “rotation” plan of 5 years, changing, moving, evolving all the time.

We will be very soon ready to open our meetings to people interested to join, help, collaborate, contribute...

And every week we will post small articles like this one to let you know about the evolution of the project, which is right looking at some plots which needs protection and for which we are proceeding to the permission to be used.

We have a facebook page named Joy of Impermanence, and an email to which you can reach us: joyofimpermanence (at)

On behalf of the Joy of Impermanence team (Andrés, Eugénie, Ion, Mathilde, Michael, Mira & Serena) -- A project under Youth Link