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23 September 2017

Matrimandir Quarterly Report

An Overview of Finances and Projects Development from April to June 2017

The new Matrimandir Executive team presents here a broad overview of the ongoing works and financial situation during the first quarter of this financial year. We would like to regularly update the community in this way so that everyone can become more familiar with the Matrimandir‘s activities in a more detailed way.

Income & Expenses Summary

The income during this quarter was Rs. 106.7 lakhs. This is to be compared to the first quarter in the last financial year of Rs. 45.0 lakhs. The higher inflow of funds was due to the fact that we received two generous amounts bequeathed to Matrimandir by donors recently deceased. Without these two donations, the quarterly income would have been Rs. 18.3 lakhs. Total balance of funds available at the end of the quarter was Rs. 189.7 lakhs.

The expenses during the quarter totaled to Rs. 59.63 lakhs. These expenses can be divided into two categories: “Projects development” and “Site Operation and Maintenance”.

Projects development is again sub divided into three ongoing projects:

  1. Progress Garden development: This is the largest of the twelve gardens of Matrimandir. In the large central area, a terraced platform has been built in rammed earth and lime mixed. This area will be covered in simple river pebbles, and already features seven trees which are growing well. The outer area of this garden features a simple pond, which has been built and waterproofed; we are currently engaged in choosing stone cladding for its borders. All are welcome to pass by in the evenings to see how the garden is developing!
         Rs. 3.59 lakhs were spent this quarter on Progress garden. A total of Rs. 7.47 lakhs have been spent to date on construction of this garden since work started in August 2016. Progress garden is projected to cost 20 to 24 lakhs on completion.
  2. Green Room construction: This refers to the construction beneath the eastern edge of the Amphitheater of a Green Room where artists will prepare to perform within the Amphitheater. Two Aurovilian architects, Ganesh and Sonali, are guiding this project which is to be completed by Dec 31st this year, and will be put into full use for the celebrations of Auroville’s 50th birthday.
         Rs. 7.76 lakhs were spent in this quarter. A total of Rs. 28.68 lakhs have been spent to date on this project, which nears the full projected cost.
  3. Tools Center construction: This refers to the construction beneath the western edge of the Amphitheater of a storage and distribution center for all the gardening tools which will be used in future by those maintaining the Matrimandir gardens. This project, also under the direction of Ganesh and Sonali, was started in 2016, and is on track to be completed by Feb 2018.
         Rs. 2.69 lakhs were spent this quarter on the Tools Center. A total of Rs. 22.77 lakhs have been spent to date on this project.

Site Operation and Maintenance

This heading covers the large array of activities involved in maintaining the site and in receiving the flow of visitors to Matrimandir. There are currently 108 workers employed at Matrimandir along with about 60 Aurovilians working daily on site. 55 of these Aurovilians are on the monthly maintenance list. There are also some 120 Aurovilians and newcomers doing volunteer duties during the month. (Night watches and Chamber/ petals duties).

The major expenses during the first quarter were:

  1. The wages for the 108 workers, including staff and security, were Rs. 27.37 lakhs for three months.
  2. The contribution from Matrimandir for maintenance of Aurovilians was Rs. 7.05 lakhs for three months. City Services also contributes a similar amount through a sharing agreement.
  3. During the month of June there was an intense series of maintenance works carried out within the Matrimandir building while it was closed to visitors. These works included Chamber carpet cleaning, ramps carpet cleaning, Chamber AC upgrade, and Ramp painting, among other activities. The expenses incurred for this work were Rs. 1.97 lakhs.
  4. Other operational expenses were for: Visitors reception, fuel, publications, catering, administration, compost production and maintenance of: vehicles, machinery, generator, electrical equipment, petals, gardens, site buildings. The total of these other expenses was approximately Rs. 9.2 lakhs.

In Total, Rs. 45.59 lakhs were spent this quarter on Site Operation and maintenance.

Special Notes

  1. Theft of gold ornaments: It was discovered on June 8th 2017, during our annual audit, that gold ornaments, collected through the Hundi as donations over the past 20 years, valued in Jan 2013 at Rs. 9.8 lakhs, had been stolen from the Matrimandir safe. An FIR was made in the Auroville police station on June 9th. Until now the police investigation is ongoing.

18th Sept 2017
Aurosylle, Eric, Hemant, John, Jyoti, Louis, Vladimir