News & Notes 716:An open letter to my friend Kaniappan

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23 September 2017

An open letter to my friend Kaniappan

Thanks, thanks, thanks for being with us all those years. I cannot think of Auroville without you - "the locals".

I’m wondering if we would have been able to make the dream without you close at that time. As Ed put it so well: “you have been my right hand and Ponuswamy the left at the MM” - yes, but much more than that!

What we have learnt from you: humility, good-will, acceptation, collaboration, smiling at life in difficult situations... a sense of Community, of unconditional service. We did bring our dreams, our ideas, our beliefs, our expectations... but you have shown how to bring them down into matter...always open to us, even if we were not always very kind.

A little later, other teachers came, your companions, Dhanalakshmi and Khanta, they brought the sweetness, the how to be "behind", the openness.

Thanks...for your smile, your skills and for always being present.

No words for what I’m feeling these days, Kaniappan...

And something else very important - you have shown us that it is possible to live on Maintenance without charging for your incredible good Service!

A good moment to see your Enormous Example that we need so much, now that we are trying to change our way of dealing with money.

We can listen to your voice:

It is possible
It is possible
It is possible…

See you tomorrow morning at the MM, you walking, I cycling, smiling...

Anandi (Realization)