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16 September 2017

Housing Board meeting notes

People sometimes ask us why the Housing Board doesn't publish monthly reports. As most of our discussions concern confidential information about Aurovilians, we don't feel it is correct to publish our meeting notes. This message is to give you some clarity on the topics that are discussed.

Main topics are requests for grants (to be used for first house transfers, the building of house extensions or renovations).

Furthermore, we discuss grants for old buildings without stewards, that Housing Service renovates and makes available for temporary housing - for instance for newcomers or to give new Aurovilians more time to find a permanent housing solution. Examples are Mukti (former Health Center Staff Quarters) and some units in Promesse. Another example is the transformation of the former Big Boys Boarding building into a combination of family homes for 2 Aurovilian families that have been desperate for a permanent housing solution for years.

Next, we deal with repair requests. The total repairs and maintenance budget for all housing assets is just INR 2 lakhs a month. This means we can't possibly finance improvements and upgrading of kitchens and bathrooms, full painting, water tanks etc. (We do receive requests of 2 to 5 lakhs for one unit sometimes..) For this, loans can be taken. Housing Board tries to allow for roof repairs, basic plumbing and other basic maintenance to preserve the units.

Our biggest issue though is more serious. It's the fact that communities exclude more and more people from coming in.

More about this in the next News & Notes.