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19 August 2017

Auroville Council Report for May, June and July 2017

Dear Community members, Here is our report for the past three months:

Council Internal functioning

The Council follows up with its new “architecture” introduced by Jean François Noubel.

As a reminder, the 6 agreements are:

  1. One deep breath before speaking;
  2. Listen to the centre;
  3. Speak to the centre;
  4. Don’t take the floor, have it offered;
  5. Speak from direct experience;
  6. Anyone can invite silence.

We are constantly learning and improving our own processes being supported/helped by resource persons and silent observers, with their collaborative spirit and presence.


Entry Service

At a General Meeting (GM) on May 11th the Entry Task Group (ETG) presented the major amendments to the 2016 Entry policy. Afterwards, the AvC, the WCom and the ETG, together with the RAS, discussed and prepared a timeline for the next steps. The following steps have been accomplished:

  • Publishing the proposed amended Entry Policy 2017 for community feedback
  • Asking some open questions to the community seeking inputs.
  • Right now the ETG is integrating the feedback
  • Announcement of the GM on August 26th to present the final version.

After the GM, a Residents assembly decision-making process will start. The outcome will be published in mid-September.

Town planning and development


The RAS conducted a Residents voting process in May 2017 and the new structure and the terms of reference (ToR) proposed for TDC have been ratified. Link: [...]

After the selection process due in October (20th to 22nd), the newly appointed team will take office by November 2017. We again thank the interim team (iTDC) and the Council sub group facilitated by Elvira, Marc, Mamata and Shama, who carried this process in collaboration with us.

iTDC and Site applications

A process has been initiated between iTDC, RAS, Elvira and the Auroville Council to improve the clarity of the site and building application processes and communication. This will be concluded with the new TDC team.


Auroville Health Fund Scheme

The amended Auroville Health Fund Scheme document has been published for information to the community along with the feedback received and incorporated. This document is now valid after its publication and this process is now completed. See link: [...]


Selection Processes

Together with the RAS, the Council is preparing the Selection Process for TDC from October 20th to 22nd and for WCom, AvCouncil and FAMC in Nov, from the 3rd to the 5th. A new Temporary Review Feedback Committee (TRFC) will be constituted from the names proposed by the Community.

Matrimandir Executives selection process

The Auroville Council and Working Committee, in the presence of Inge from RAS as silent observer have come up with a new team. Please refer to our joint report. [...]

The new team consists of 7 members (in alphabetical order): Aurosylle (Reve), Eric (Courage), Hemant Shekhar (Creativity), John (MM Nursery), Jyoti Naoki Eri (Samasti), Louis Cohen (Citadines), Vladimir (Grace). The new team has already started to work on site in close collaboration with the outgoing executives and coordinators. Manas and Leena from the pool of facilitators have been helping in this transition.

Collaboration with other working groups

The Auroville Council meets regularly with the following groups to update and share information: Working Committee, FAMC liaison (Amy and Yuval), RAS, and Koodam. Other groups like BCC and Housing Board have an Auroville Council representative for better communication.


Auroville Learning Activities - ALA

The Coordination of Auroville Learning Activities Group is now called COALA and they have started their work. Members of the group are: Dhanya, Daniel, Dominique from the ALA subgroup to ensure continuity and consistency, while Gijs, Lalith, Leena, Lisa, Manas and Sam are bringing fresh energy in the team. Sandyra from the Council will be following/ staying with them for the time being. The group’s task is in implementing the ALA Guidelines: [...] and in developing the Auroville Learning Sector. They have a weekly meeting, and if you want to get in touch with them, please write to: coala (at) .

School bus safety

The Auroville Council is collaborating with the AV School Board, SAIIER Transport, Road Service, AV Security, iTDC, SAIIER to place school bus stops for the safety of the children using the school bus. 10 bus stops have been placed and others will be put in place shortly.

Peace & Justice

Youth Hive Project in the International Zone

Following a long process, including intense and deep discussions with all the parties concerned, the Working Committee, the iTDC and the Auroville Council jointly decided to continue with the community process for the implementation of Youth Hive project in the International Zone.

Arbitrations and Appeals processes

We are still in a learning process, reflecting and gaining insights. We will get back to you with an update on the process and possible / needed improvements. We thank all the arbiters, Koodam and resource persons for their time and commitment given during these processes.


  • Inside India and Divya arbitration: The arbiters have shared the decision with the parties and the issue is closed.
  • Aspiration sport ground arbitration: Implementation is in process.
  • Windarra arbitration: The Council is supporting the implementation to come to a closure.


  • Sheril’s Appeal against TDC decision dated August 2013: towards the refusal of her building permission at her office space in Progress Community. The Appeal Body concluded that the TDC decision will stand. Implementation of the outcome is in process.
  • Philippe's Appeal against iTDC decision dated March 29th, 2017 refusing his site application for his project Fab lab / Info lab. The Appeal Body concluded that the iTDC decision stands, as the site applied by Philippe is intended to be used as a green space. The Appeal Body, for that reason, found that the iTDC was within its mandate to recommend an alternative site for Philippe’s project - Implementation of the outcome is in process.

For the Auroville Council - Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Marc, Matriprasad, Mita, Renuka, Sandyra and Sundar