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5 August 2017


Center for Research, Education and Experience in the Visual Arts (CREEVA) is a platform for people to experience art first hand and overcome their fears, doubts, and myths. It is a place where art enthusiasts can experiment with mediums, form, themes, etc. and hone their art skills. CREEVA lets you explore deeper and find your language and comfort. It helps you practice your yoga of art regularly and peacefully.

Mother says:

"The discipline of Art has at its centre the same principle as the discipline of Yoga. In both the aim is to become more and more conscious; in both you have to learn to see and feel something that is beyond the ordinary vision and feeling, to go within and bring out from there deeper things."

You are welcome to come and practice the discipline of Art every day from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm at our studio in Creativity. To further understand the craft, you can participate in our daily evening workshops from 5 pm to 7pm. This week our schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, 7th Aug - Explore Crayons/Pastels with Sathya
  • Tuesday, 8th Aug - Figure Drawing with Lakshay
  • Wednesday, 9th Aug - Intuitive Playful Art with Marie-Claire
  • Thursday, 10th Aug - Understanding Forms with Audrey
  • Friday, 11th Aug - Making Murals with Jean-Marie
  • Saturday, 12th Aug - Introduction to Sculptures with Hema

Pls. call/email and make an appointment before coming. Everyone in the studio practices, no excuses. Pls. maintain silence and decorum in the premise. It's a cooperative; pls. feel free to use the art materials. If possible, donate your personal unused art materials. Donate generously for art to flourish. It's free for Aurovilians and Newcomers. AV Volunteers pay Rs.100 and Guests pay Rs.200 per session. These workshops are for adults if you want to bring your child along, pls. confirm with the facilitator. Call Lakshay at 9810052574 or email to creeva(at)

We are looking for Volunteers to help us with our Art projects. If interested, pls. contact us!