News & Notes 709:An open letter to Luciano

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709 icon.jpg   News & Notes 709
5 August 2017

An open letter to Luciano

Thanks for having been with us at the beginning of Realization dear Luciano. In this red desert space with five simple cozy houses, just four women and you. No green, no trees, no good water, no fence, no place for the garbage, you made it!

Always smiling and with a solution and the necessary action. We used to call you all the time, and always the same attitude... a real Aurovilian, Luciano. We have learnt a lot from you.

First, the collective things, after the personal needs...You did not make anything in your house till it was done for everybody. And when there was not enough money for buying Community´s things, we knew you were there to give the necessary in order to get them.

No words for expressing the gratitude for your presence here and the best for the next experience to be done.

Always with you on Her Dream.

Anandi - Realization