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22 July 2017



On Sunday evening, 16 July, our good friend and Italian brother, Luciano Gemo, left his body in Italy at the age of 71 after a prolonged struggle with cancer and other complications.

In 2001 Luciano joined the team of Annapurna Farm and has worked with them ever since, taking care of the farm’s daily deliveries of milk and cheese, transporting Tomas’s daughter Usha to and from school in Auroville, and passionately studying Tamil in Auroville’s library in between. In 2004 he officially joined Auroville and moved in 2011 to Realization, where Usha could join him in his flat for her further studies. She will deeply miss her second father.

Due to his illness, Luciano went back to Italy in 2014 where he was hospitalised and now passed away. Our love and sympathy go out to his family, and Usha.

Thank you for having been with us, Luciano.