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706 icon.jpg   News & Notes 706
15 July 2017

GB announcement

Dear members of the community,

This is to inform you that the next meeting of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation is scheduled for August 13 and 14. We have invited the new GB members to join Auroville on August 11, so that we can show them the areas of their interest on August 12, before the meeting.

We have invited a presentation of the following working groups who are requested to report on the topics mentioned:

  • 50th Core Group: Progress in preparing for the 50th anniversary celebrations including visit Prime Minister of India.
  • Auroville Council: New TDC; Proposed changes in Entry Policy; Entry Task Group. (This topic together with Entry Task Group and Entry Service members)
  • Interim TDC: General progress; Progress with New Town Development Authority application.
  • Land Board: Progress in land protection, land exchanges, restraints and difficulties.
  • Matrimandir: New executives are requested to present their plans for the future and highlight constraints.
  • FAMC: Update on FAMC matters; state of Auroville finances; Code of Conduct; GST; others.

The Working Committee will give a report on various other topics.

Groups and / or individuals who would like to make a presentation to the Board are requested to inform us as soon as possible, together with their presentation.

We will discuss with Dr. Karan Singh at what time an interaction between the new Board members and the community can be scheduled.

We propose to inform all Aurovilians and Newcomers in a General Meeting to be held by the end of this month or latest in the first week of August about the content of the presentations to the Board.

The Working Committee