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8 July 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

The New Body

The Mother’s progress which we are trying to sketch here was complex, as complex as Life, of which most humans have only a very narrow and superficial notion. The Subconscient and the Inconscient were for her a conscious reality where she fought most of her battles, while for us it is a hidden reality by which we are blindly driven. Simultaneously, there were concretely present to her all the upper levels of existence, the realms of Light, and Beauty, and Joy, and Love. It is true that she gave the proportion between both kinds of experience as ‘three minutes of splendour for twelve hours of misery,’ or ‘some seconds of paradise for hours of hell,’ but even behind the most terrible suffering there was an inner ecstasy which allowed her to say that the ordeal did not keep her occupied.

What was she trying to realize in those last years of her earthly existence? It was the induction of the supramental substance or Matter into the earthly gross matter, in other words the fusing of both worlds. She said that this took place by a process that she called ‘permeation’. She reported that the transformation of the consciousness of the body cells from the ordinary consciousness, burdened by the fear and horrors of the past millennia, into a divine Consciousness had taken place in a great number of her cells. ‘The physical is capable of receiving the higher Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness, and to manifest it.’ When stating this, however, she asked herself how far her body would be able to express this change, to what extent her body could be transformed.

As early as January 1961 the Mother had mentioned the presence in her physical body of another body that was ‘bigger, more voluminous’ — we are reminded of Rijuta’s psychic being which exceeded the boundaries of her physical body — and that had ‘such a compact power that it was almost annoying’. A year later, after her ‘death’ and ‘resurrection’ in 1962, she noticed that during the night she was ‘generally tall and strong’. Around that time, it became a common experience for those who saw the Mother in their dreams or visions to see her as much taller than she was physically. When told about this, she commented that it was ‘the new being,’ and she specified that it was a being not from the Vital but from the subtle physical. As we know, what she called the subtle physical in those years was not a more refined substance than the physical, it was the Supramental. For of that subtle physical she said ‘It is not material and yet more concrete than Matter.’

[...] The Mother by her yoga of the transformation of the cells had built in, or out of, her physical body a supramental body in which she existed while still in her physical body. She was existing in two ‘physical’ bodies at the same time, the one in the gross physical and the other in the subtle physical, which in her terminology meant the Supramental.

[...] Thus she reported her incredible accomplishment in the simplest of words. She had built the prototype of the supramental body and was living in it in the most natural way. This prototype, being supramental, is immortal and therefore still exists. The Mother is still present in the Earth-atmosphere in her supramental body, continuing her Work, awakening, inspiring and guiding the transitional beings everywhere on the globe, continuing to transform gross Matter, hastening the world towards its transformation. This she does together with Sri Aurobindo, of whom she said that he was ‘very constantly present’, and for the celebration of whose birth centenary, on 15 August 1972, she formulated the so simple but profound message: ‘One more step towards Eternity.’ Such is the Work of the Avatar in its simplest definition: one more step towards Eternity. Sri Aurobindo’s descent into death, the supramental manifestation of 1956, the realization of the overman in 1958, the descent of the overman consciousness in 1969 — this whole series of superevents with a direct bearing on each and every one of us, whether we are aware of it or not, was now crowned by the formation and permanent existence of a supramental body. Its visible multiplication or reproduction in a refined earthly substance is only a matter of time. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s last estimate was that it would take three hundred years.

Georges Van Vrekhem
The Mother, pt.III, ch.18

The Ponder Corner: “It is indispensable that each one finds his psychic and unites with it definitively. It is through the psychic that the supramental will manifest itself.”

“With regard to the Truth, we are all divine; but we hardly know it.”