News & Notes 704:Remembering Yolande

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704 icon.jpg   News & Notes 704
1 July 2017

Remembering Yolande

Memories of you seem to merge into one sweet and adventurous scene:

Bringing J.R.D. Tata to Jehangir Art Gallery in Bombay, which prompted Jeh to get involved in Auroville. First securing windmills for the water-supply.
Then you brought him to Auroville.
As the widow of the Chairman of Air France you were instrumental to safeguard the Agenda.
In so many ways you helped and protected Auroville, often not even known to us in Auroville.
You would suddenly appear on the dusty roads of Auroville and the next moment you had moved on.
That was the gift of having been granted a life-long first-class airline ticket world-wide. You were always on the move. A nomad.

I met you and stayed with you in Paris. A very gracious host.
The mystery of Auroville has attracted mysterious beings.
They come and awaken us to that mystery and move on.
You are one of them.

Frederick (26.6.2017)