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1 July 2017

House of Mother's Agenda


Sri Aurobindo: The mind must be made quiet and the consciousness turned — not the mind alone — towards the aim. It no doubt takes time but that is the way. There are no devices for these things.

Satyendra: What is the difference between modification of nature and transformation of it?

Transformation is the casting of the whole nature into the mould of your inner realisation. What you realise you project outwards into your nature.
          I speak of three transformations — the psychic, the spiritual and the supramental. Many have had the psychic: there were the Christian saints who spoke of God's presence in their hearts. The spiritual transformation implies the realisation of the Self, the Infinite above, with the dynamic no less than the static side of its peace, knowledge, Ananda, etc. This transformation is difficult. Beyond that is the supramental transformation, the Truth-Consciousness working for the Divine aim and purpose.

Nirodbaran: If one has inner realisation, transformation should follow in the light of it.

Not necessarily. There may be some modification in the nature, but entire transformation is not automatic. It is not so easy as all that. The experience of peace and calm after my first contact with Lele never left me, but in my outer nature there were many agitations and again and again I had to make an effort to establish peace and calm there. Ever since that early experience the whole object of my Yoga has been to change the nature into the mould of the inner realisation. That is what I have done in my sadhana.

Could a man with true realisation have grave defects left in his nature — defects like the sex impulse?

Why not? There can be the movement of anger as well as the sex impulse. Have you not heard of Durvasa's anger or the fall of the Rishis through sex? But all Yogis may not care about these defects. Yogis pass beyond the stage of good and evil: ordinary questions of morality don't arise then. So some of them may look upon the outer nature as a child behaving as it wants, and not bother to harmonise it with the inner being. There is also the danger of self-deception. A Yogi may go into the Higher Mind, perhaps even touch the Overmind, and yet have a sexual fall. He may think he is guided by an inner divine voice and attempt to justify his erratic behaviour by saying he is only obeying that voice. I have heard of a certain Yogi who went abroad and was arrested for making advances to girls in a public place. These things are possible because man's psychology is complex.
          Once after the Barisal Conference I went to see Mahendranath Nandi who was called the Tolstoy of Brahmanbaria. His grandfather was a Tantric and could meditate sitting upon the waters of a river. From him perhaps Nandi got his spiritual capacities. Nandi used to be guided by an inner voice. When Bipin Pal asked him whether he would do anything whatsoever, good or bad, if prompted by this voice, he replied that if it was from God he would follow it to any length.
          But, of course, merely unconventional conduct by a Yogi is not a fall. Once a disciple got shocked because he saw me eating meat. He complained to Ramana Maharshi. Maharshi replied that it is a question of habit and, when the man had departed, Maharshi said to his followers, “What an imbecile!”
         In spiritual realisations there are any number of passages, cross ways and truths. And when I say that something is to be done or not done in Yoga, I mean in our Yoga. It does not apply to Yogas with other aims. In our Yoga we insist on the transformation of the outer nature.

Nirodbaran, Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.48
22 December 1938

The Ponder Corner: “All is not settled when a cause is humanly lost and hopeless; all is settled, only when the soul renounces its effort.”

Sri Aurobindo
Essays Divine and Human, p.459

“It was day before yesterday, I think, the whole day was taken up like that in the experience, and I felt it was the revelation of Auroville's true goal, and that THIS was what had to be told, and THIS is what ... will select the people, the Aurovilians. The true Aurovilians are those who want to make the search and discovery of the divine. But, as I said, not through mystic means: it's in life.
        That too should be said.”

The Mother
Agenda, 2 May 1970