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10 June 2017



In the very early hours of Tuesday 6 June, our Ethiopian friend and brother Tekeste B.G. Kidan Zerhanes quietly left his body in his flat in Courage, with his great-nephew at his side. He was 79.

Tekeste, who in the late sixties visited Ashram and Auroville for the first time, and to whom Mother gave the adesh to “spread the light to Africa”, always kept the Mother’s words and love as the guiding principle of his life. Backed by firm spiritual connections within Ashram and Ethiopia, he strongly endeavoured to create an established Africa centre and, after joining Auroville in 2001, he connected with the Unity Pavilion and Auroville International with the same intent.

One of the results was a week-long Auroville International conference on developing an integral approach to collaboration between Auroville and African countries, held in Addis Ababa in October 2011. Doors were opened…

Thank you, Tekeste, for your crucial persistence and drive.


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