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3 June 2017

Kavunji Nature Camp - 1st Group

From 01.05.2017 – 13.05.2017

39 kids and 13 adults went for a big adventure to Kavunji - a place in the Palani Hills, where Auroville runs a camp. Kids can go for treks, explore nature and spend a 10-13 day holiday in a cool, beautiful environment.

In Kavunji there are 1 big fixed dorm and two new large tents. Others can experience their own tents for comfort and being protected against the rains.

The treks around Kavunji are amazing, adventurous and beautiful. The kids could choose the treks they wanted to do. Three Ammas from Well-cafe took care of our well-being with cooking and preparing yummy food for us.

The daily discipline consisted of morning exercise, camp-cleanup, morning treks and camp-chores (like fire-wood collection and camp repair).

Usually in the afternoon we had rains or clouds and time for games and preparing boats for the boat-race and other games.

The creative arts/crafts skills saw macramé, painting, woodwork and various entries for the final exhibition.

The children organized quiz, puzzles, card-games and acting/singing plays.

Everybody likes the nature-treks and swimming in the river, while the camp-chores and other duties were not so popular.

We had lots of fun and impressions, becoming trekking experts, we got new friends, some came back with a cold, but at the end we all had a beautiful new experience for life.