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3 June 2017

FAMC hosts workshop on matters of non-compliance

As we all know, whether in a working group or not, in the past or present, there are many instances of 'non-compliance' of our community approved processes, guidelines and mandates.

We also know there are many reasons for this and that it is a very difficult issue to address on many levels, so it continues to happen, often resulting in polarization and frustration that continues to increase. These situations affect all of us, as individuals, as working group members and as Auroville residents each committed in his/her own way to the vision and ideals.

The FAMC has taken a first step in trying to work towards solutions and change by inviting all major working groups to a half day workshop on the issue of 'non-compliance', which took place on 13th May, facilitated by Stefan and Leena from the newly formed group of facilitators. The groups that were represented are: Auroville Council, Housing Board, Working Committee, Koodam, and the FAMC. Members from iTDC were invited and someone planned to attend until the schedule was moved to the afternoon and then their representative was not available.

Below is an overview of the afternoon with a summary of the questions we worked with and the responses that came up in our large and small group discussions. Although this session was with working groups, it is clear to us all that this is a topic for the community to address as a whole. We invite all of you to share your thoughts and give feedback on this report, and if you feel a call to get actively involved do let us know by writing us at adminfamc (at)

Additionally we invite working groups to reflect on the justifications commonly given for non-compliant behavior and how these can be addressed, by working group processes, so that an atmosphere of non-compliance is not unintentionally encouraged.

Although this is clearly a baby step, we all felt more optimistic when we left than we did when we arrived, so we hope that with a sincere and collaborative effort we can work together towards positive change.

Amy, Bindu, Chali, Chandresh, Lyle, Prabhu, Stephanie, Ulli, and Yuval (FAMC)

What is the issue? Related Agreements, Policies, Guidelines (also Root Causes) Results / Effects (also Possible Solutions)
Non compliance of members to visit psychiatrist / Medical non-compliance Non-yet existing Depression. Violence. Abnormal behaviour. Disruption of normal life
Aurovilians taking over land without Auroville process – encroachment Stewardship allocation process Unhappy neighbours; sets precedent for other incidents / (Land stewardship policy and land usage policy)
Individuals acting against housing policy; stewardship of 2 houses Housing Policy Not enough housing for everyone / (community involvement to solve this issue; list of people with many assets in N&N with request to give back excess houses)
Development / construction
Asset stewardship / usage
Income generation, distribution, and use
Executive of trustee financial non-compliance Unit and Trust Guidelines Late submission of balance sheets to AVF
Community members not complying to Auroville ideals Charter / True Aurovilian / Dream
Non-compliance of working groups to communicate or to their own mandate Mandates
Individual freedom/collective responsibility
Construction without NOC Site and Building Applications (Better communication of SA & BA to the community)
Non-compliance of project holders to inform neighbours TDC related policies and processes (Not accepting forms without NOC from neighbours)
Conflict resolution agreements
(Cultural differences – priorities, values, behaviour ...) // (Culture differences need precedence .. no consequences for action)
(Lack of clarity / contradicting regulations & guidelines) (To review and consolidate and simplify all existing policies, guidelines in relation to the other)
(As a statement against perceived lack of trust / dis-empowerment)
(“My Auroville” different interpretations of Auroville's vision and dream – ego)
(Following precedences)
(Ignorance, lack of knowledge)
(Inefficiency of systems, processes, working group communication and decision-making)
Division. Topics that are 'elephants in the room'
(Acknowledge and support best practice, what works, is good)
(Communication and guidelines. Imposing but giving chance the RA can understand)
(Case-based, collective solidarity in face of escalation)
(More open, safe communication and discussion about the issues, root causes, cases)
(Guidelines on handling those who need emotional / mental stabilizing)
Negative media in the outside world
(Seek help from other groups, esp. AVC)
(Respectful and responsible leadership / clarity; deadlines after long time explaining)
(Administrative lack of tools – data; working groups [not] supporting each other)
Slow growth of Auroville
Individuals are frustrated and maybe drop out. Working groups cannot work with full potential
Dissatisfaction with community
(Reassign / reuse policy with community wide input)
Neighbours objection during the implementation stage
It will effect to future development of community structure