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3 June 2017

Entry GM Report

Dear residents,

On 11th May, 2017, an information-sharing General Meeting (GM) was held, where the Entry Task Group (ETG) presented the proposed amendments to the Entry Policy 2015.

Please click the link to access the report: [...]

After this GM, the AvC, the WCom and the ETG, together with the RAS, discussed and prepared a time-line of next steps. There are 7 more steps to be taken before we can open up fully to new applications. These steps (which include cycles of preparation, publication, integration) are:

  1. Asking some open questions to the community for seeking inputs, and integrating those inputs in the policy: from 30th May to 30th June
  2. Publishing the proposed amended Entry Policy 2017 for community feedback, integrating the feedback, and announcing a GM: from 3rd July to 7th August
  3. The GM and Presenting the integrated Entry Policy for an RAD process: 21st August
  4. Starting the RAD process: from 28th August to 11th September
  5. Announcing the outcome of the RAD process: 12th September
  6. Selecting the new Entry Board (if the community accepts the Entry Board as an amendment): 15th September to 13th October
  7. Auroville Entry Service opens to new applications: 16th October 2017.

You will be kept informed and involved.

Thank you for your interest and participation,

The Auroville Council, the Working Committee and the Entry Task Group.