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13 May 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain…

Aikya ('Nature& Spirit') would like to share the following:

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“The Mother is down to earth, very very practical in everything she does. She has given another aspect of mantra, which I’ll tell you about.
Once we were having a very very serious drought situation in Pondicherry, a long time back; we had had no rain since I don’t know how long, and everything was hot and sticky, so after a game of tennis I asked the Mother, “Mother can’t you bring us some rain?” She said, “You want rain?” I said, “Mother, we haven’t had rain for months and months”. “Ooh,” Mother said, “I didn’t know. Come along”. So we went to the Playground, she brought a stick and made a kind of occult pattern, which she drew on the ground. There were about six of us there. She said, “I want the six of you to link your hands and walk around that symbol and recite a mantra”. I asked Mother, “What mantra?” Mother said “It doesn’t matter what the mantra is, but it must be given to you by your guru. I give you a mantra: We want rain, give us rain”. That’s a very simple mantra, isn’t it? So we chanted “We want rain, give us rain, give us rain …” And within half an hour we got it. The mantra worked. I don’t know where the clouds came from. The clouds came and the rain came – it actually worked. So that’s the Mother’s view of mantra.
A few years later, after Mother had left, again there was a bad drought situation in the south of India and the Government tried everything, but they didn’t succeed. They also thought of using mantra. So they arranged a very big yagna, a sacrifice, on the bed of a dried lake, they called all the Shankaracharyas from all around and made a big fire and had a big puja, and they recited all kinds of mantras for three days – and nothing happened. Nothing happened, no rain came. Why didn’t it come? There we come to the point that Mother said: the mantra must be given to you by your guru. That is the most important point of mantra. And for me, Mother has given the mantra of Savitri. So if anything’s going to work, I’m going to work it! That’s part of my job. I’m telling you this, because that’s why I am reciting. I’m not a poet, I’m nothing, but Mother has made me take up Savitri, and that’s why I’m telling you all these things.”