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13 May 2017

In case of a medical emergency in Auroville

Dear community, a few weeks back, a colleague of ours had an accident close to Town Hall, and was taken to Santé, treated immediately and followed up with specialists in a Pondicherry hospital.

At the time I received the news of this accident, I was at the Visitors Centre cafe with a couple of friends from Bombay. They were impressed that facilities like this exist in Auroville and questioned me further about how the health services function in Auroville. Some questions, I did not have answers to. So in the last two weeks, I have been asking aurovilians these, ( the PTDC food lines, at solar kitchen, at a school, at Pour Tous, at people’s homes......) and surprisingly, most do not know the answers to these.

Quite shocking, considering these could be required in life-death situations involving ourselves, our friends, our family, and others we may not know.

To keep it simple, I drafted out some questions that had come out of this chapter and sent them to Santé; ....while Anamika followed this up with the AV Health Centre.


In case of an accident in the Auroville center, can the injured person be brought to Santé for immediate first aid?

Below, is the reply from Auradha via the Santé email address.
“Dear Adil, Anyone requiring immediate First Aid for injury or sudden acute illness can be brought to Santé Clinic, tel: 0413 2622803, the summer working hours are 8.45am to 12.30pm.
The Auroville Ambulance Service, tel +91 9442224680, is available 24/7 for Auroville residents and registered guests of Auroville. For non AV residents the dispatcher can make exceptions based on urgency or organize external ambulance services if required. The cost categories are as follows
  • Auroville Health Fund covers service charges for members
  • Registered Volunteers and workers of Auroville have a reduced price
  • Registered (and non-registered) guests pay the full price.
Santé Clinic, which supports the Auroville Ambulance Service, receives a central fund budget; this means that the costs of services for residents and volunteers is heavily subsidized by the community. This subsidy is not extended to guests and tourists.
Best wishes, Auradha”

Auradha also mentioned over the phone that the ambulance cost is Rs 5000/- per trip.

Auroville Health Centre

In case of an accident in the Auroville area, can the injured person be brought to Auroville Health Center for immediate first aid?

Anamika was told the following regarding the Health Centre……..

At the Auroville Health Centre Peter replied over the phone that anyone requiring first aid assistance could come to Auroville Health Centre. Doctors consultation and assistance for first aid injuries is possible between 8.15am till 1pm and from 2.30pm till 5.15pm. When more serious help is required it is best to go straight to a hospital. Everyone is required to pay for any expenses incurred, and the ones who are covered by the Health Fund can file for a refund. Ambulance information is the same as given above by Auradha.

Adil & Anamika (Dana) – mandalapottery (at)