News & Notes 698:Report from the Water Group, May 2017

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6 May 2017

Report from the Water Group, May 2017

This report aims to share with the community information on the current water situation and what work we’ve been doing since February.

Regarding the current water situation: We are facing a crisis, meaning that our intake from the only source (groundwater) is much higher than the replenishment, given the drought and the last monsoon failure. The Water Group urges you to conserve as much water as you're able to this summer. Water does not travel that fast underground – if we save water in our Auroville area, this water will stay here for a while. This means that we do profit from our water saving practices and should make an effort to maintain them. This is definitely a short-term solution, on the long-term, we have to work with our neighbors to reduce their water consumption. We are currently working on the following:

1) Crisis Management Plan: We have a team focusing on a Crisis Management Strategy for Auroville. Essentially we are working to identify places of relative abundance and scarcity, and how, in the case of an emergency, to move water from one place to another. What does this mean for you? Conserve water! And begin thinking about water as a common resource which needs to be shared. We'll keep you updated with the situation as it unfolds.

2) Water Management Strategy: For the long-term, we are working to create a Water Management Strategy for the township. The first phase was to formulate the Vision and Guiding Principles, essentially the first section of the document. This has been completed by the Water Group in April 2017. We then called the Sounding Board, a group of concerned Aurovilians, together to give further feedback. After integrating the Sounding Board feedback, we have finalised Version 1. We now request that the Auroville community gives feedback on the Vision and Guiding Principles of the Water Management Strategy.

Please find Version 1 at:

Please give feedback, no later than July 15th, 2017, by writing to:
watergroup (at)

Please include your name and community.

We will integrate community feedback to produce Version 2 after July 2017 and will produce the final version by August 2017. Thank you for your participation!

3) Day-to-day Work: This involves working with the TDC regarding new building/borewell applications, answering community inquiries, posting weekly water saving tips, and of course, ongoing well monitoring, which is needed in order to keep us all informed about the underground water supply situation.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please contact: watergroup (at)

Thank you,
Water Group
(Aditi, Christian, Dorle, Gilles B, Giulio, Ing-Marie, Julia, Pavneet, Tency, Tom)