News & Notes 697:House of Mother's Agenda

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697 icon.jpg   News & Notes 697
29 April 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

The Mother's Feet

And Mother, what Sri Aurobindo has done, is it the same?

Essentially yes. Sri Aurobindo has arranged everything so that my work becomes easy. Sri Aurobindo has the key to open this region of the Inconscience. He turns the key to open the door and illumines my way, and very gently I enter to infuse the Force, the Light and the Divine Ananda into the body of this inert and obscure matter. When it is touched by this transforming light, the atoms that constitute this matter awake to a New Consciousness. Like this the work continues and spreads or multiplies. You understand, Sri Aurobindo is the soul of Matter, the aspiration of the whole humanity. He is the Light in Matter or the Spirit incarnated in Matter. Sri Aurobindo has separated himself from the Supreme and has plunged in this matter, in a body, with this load of inconscience and ignorance upon himself – to awaken them to the divine life. For this He has invoked the Supreme, the Grace, to descend here below on this earth to help in His work. That is why, having heard His call, I have come down here into matter in a physical body, into this world of pain, suffering and death. And it is in the union of both of us that the world will witness gradually this miracle of a divine life. It is because of Him that I have descended. It is this intense aspiration of matter from below that He has sent up and the Grace has responded by a descent. What a blessed hour for the earth. It is an occasion for a tremendous progress so that the whole universe may blossom in a great élan towards the goal of its existence. With Our help which will be at its disposal and a will to pursue, what could be there that would be impossible to realize! This is the moment.

You know, each vibration that emanates from us, each ray of light radiating from us becomes a beacon-light spreading in the being of the inconscience and illumining its path towards the truth of its existence. It is only because of Sri Aurobindo that I can accomplish this work. He does the major portion of the work. He invites me, He opens the door and I enter into the depths of this inconscience and I kindle the light to illumine the atoms in the torpor of the inconscience. I put there a bit of force to awaken them and I give this Divine Love so that they may aspire more. I charge each atom in this way.

There where we have placed our feet and left our footprints behind, those atoms irradiate and influence others which are in their proximity and in this way the work of transmutation continues unabated.

You are right. There is a much greater intensity of force emanating from my feet because this force has to pass through the thick crust of the earth, through a great resistance in order to reach and touch the inconscience. It is for this reason that the force passes directly. Whereas when I bless with my hand, I control the flow of this force and give to each one what he needs when I give my blessings. But Sri Aurobindo had a different way: like this, from far, He could send the force directly either to heal, to uplift or to bless, – I have seen so many cases, - without even His touching. Whereas me, I restrict a little and I give exactly according to the receptivity of the persons and as much as they can contain and assimilate. I give according to the capacity of the individual, not more, not less, and they are happy. But sometimes I am obliged to give with a lot of intensity and energy, when there is a call to help someone from far, at the other end of the world, – from the other extreme. When I hear a prayer, I send a force and a will which goes with a lot of intensity either to do what is necessary or to save the person. It is a vibration that emanates from me and in a fraction of a second it acts with a determinism even at the other end of the world. At that moment, it is voluntary, direct and accomplishes the will which I have put into that vibration. Really speaking, it is a very strong force which I send and which acts on the person – it is to save him even from death. But it is not often that I send a force of this intensity. People cannot understand the value of what I have done, of what has been accomplished. Anyway...

But you know, I am up there, like this (gesture) above your head, constantly, so that you open this door up there (gesture) so that I can enter into you completely for identifying myself with you. And then I shall do everything, everything in you. For that, you have to be pure and sincere, and the psychic should come to the forefront to govern your life. All your actions must be the expression of your deeper being, of your inner life. Then my light will be able to penetrate from above and communicate with your psychic and bring about a radical change in your consciousness. It is in this way that you could invite me and I could easily enter in you to unite with your consciousness in a perfect union. Then it will no longer be you who would do the things but i would do all for you.

The Ponder Corner: “It is only in harmonious collaboration that effective work can be done. The important thing is to find the point on which you can all agree — and after this is firmly established, each one must be ready to yield his personal will in order to keep intact this point of harmony.”