News & Notes 697:Auroville Public Bus update and request for feedback

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697 icon.jpg   News & Notes 697
29 April 2017

Auroville Public Bus update and request for feedback

Dear All,

Auroville Public Bus service is happy to share with you all that successfully we are stepping in to the second year. It happened thanks to your support only. We appreciate our bus driver Mr. Sivakumar for his honesty, punctuality and care for the passengers, without him we could not provide our best service to you all. Naveen & Saranraj were co-coordinating the service with the driver and for bookkeeping for the last one year. We would like to thank, Mr. Daniel from Tanto Far Beach, who is supporting us on the Sunday bus trips to Sri Ma beach. At the same time, we would like to thank the Aurocabs Taxi drivers who had accompanied us in the last moments, when our regular driver fail to present in mornings due to some personal issues.

We need some feedbacks on Sunday trips to Sri Ma beach for summer.

In the last 3 weeks the numbers of users were too low to cover the running expenses of the bus. Maybe for the summer, we could re-schedule the timings and cut down the number of trips to avoid extra cost. Please let us know by writing to us.

We are looking forward for the feedback from you all. Write to us at avbus (at)

Thank you,
Raju for Auroville Public Bus