News & Notes 697:Auroville Architectural Services (AAS) – a call to Architects / Designers

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29 April 2017

Auroville Architectural Services (AAS) – a call to Architects / Designers

Auroville Architectural Services (AAS), also sometimes referred to as Architects Service of Auroville (ASA), has been registered as Service Unit under the Auroville Service Trust since May 25, 2010. Current executives are Eugen Eigenmann and Mona Doctor-Pingel.

It functions as an Architects' Cooperative for projects within Auroville. The unit is self-financing and does not receive a City Service Budget.

Its broader aim is to enhance intercommunication and improve learning amongst Auroville architects so they may collectively use their shared knowledge and resources to build Auroville. A centralized architectural service is also considered helpful for clients and project holders in Auroville to find the right architect for their project.

Each architect within the AAS works on a maintenance basis as per the current Auroville guidelines and maintains the day-to-day running costs of the studio / office via proper vouchers/ bills. Each project is handled individually under an FS account and yearly financial accounts are submitted to the Auroville Service Trust to be audited. Any surplus is credited to a Reserve Fund which is then used to support architectural research, urban design proposals, education purposes or to help other members who may need financial assistance in times of "no work phase". This Reserve Fund is open to any architect within Auroville who can submit a proposal which will be approved by the members of AAS. Presently we have a surplus of Rs 50,000 which is open to utilization.

Currently Mona and Gundolf have projects under the AAS. In the past Helmut and David have had projects under AAS. We would now like to open up this platform / service to other Auroville architects / interior designers who would like to primarily work on projects within Auroville.

Our next ‘open’ meeting is on 2 May, Tuesday, at 4:30 pm at La Terrace. For queries or if you are interested to join please contact mona (at) or eugen (at)