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22 April 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

The End which Ever Begins Again

A conquering truth of upright men, for whom death is both a falsehood and a defeat. A truth of a divine joy upon the earth. Certainly their truth was premature for the hordes of Europe, who still needed to hear about heaven before earth, but now the time may have come at last to unveil the Mysteries – whether they be Vedic, Orphic, Alchemical, or Catharist – and to recover the whole truth of the two poles within a third position, which is neither that of the materialists nor that of the spiritualists. “The ascent of man into heaven is not the key, but rather his ascent here into the spirit and the descent also of the spirit into his normal humanity and the transformation of this earthly nature. For that and not some post mortem salvation is the real new birth for which humanity waits as the crowning movement of its long, obscure and painful course.”[1]

Sri Aurobindo brings us a message of hope. Ultimately, our present reign of gnomes is the sign of a new emergence. Our darkness and declines always signal the advent of a greater light, which had to descend to break the prevailing limits. There are only two ways of breaking the limits: through an excess of light or an excess of darkness, but while one draws our darkness up into the light and dissolves it, the other precipitates the light into our darkness and transmutes it. One way liberates a few individuals, while the other liberates the whole earth. Ten thousand years ago, a few giants among men had wrestled out the Secret of the world, but this was the privilege of a few initiates, while now we must all become initiates. Ten thousand years ago reigned the Golden Age, while today everything seems to have been swallowed up in darkness. In truth, though, night has not descended upon the world, as the preachers of doom would have us believe; it is only that the light has been buried in the world. The Secret had to be forgotten, humanity had to descend the dark curve of the age of reason and religions, so that all could recover the Secret and the Light everywhere, beneath all the darkness, all the misery, and the pettiness, instead of in a high brazier in some Vedic or Persian sanctuary. We are at the beginning of Time. Evolution does not follow an increasingly sublime and vanishing trajectory, but a spiral: It is not a tortuous path leading you back, relatively battered, to the starting-point; on the contrary, it seeks to bring to the whole creation the joy of being, the beauty of being, the greatness of being, and the perpetual development, perpetually progressive, of this joy, this beauty, and this greatness. Then everything makes sense.[2] An eternal spiral that does not end in an ultimate point – for the Ultimate is everywhere in the world, in every being, every body, every atom – but a gradual ascent reaching higher and higher in order to descend lower and lower, to embrace ever more, and to reveal ever more. We are at the beginning of the “Vast,” which will become ever vaster. The pioneers of evolution have already recognized other levels within the Supermind, opening up new trajectories in an eternal Becoming. Each conquered height brings about a new change, a complete reversal of consciousness, a new heaven, a new earth – for the physical world itself will soon mutate before our incredulous eyes. This is surely not the first change in history; how many were there before us? How many more with us, if only we consent to become conscious? Successive reversals of consciousness, which will bring an always renewed richness of creation, will take place from one stage to the next.[3] Each time, the Magus in us turns his kaleidoscope, and everything becomes astonishing – vaster, truer, and more beautiful. We just have to open our eyes, for the joy of the world is at our door, if only we wish it.

Earth's pains were the ransom of its prisoned delight.... [4]
For joy and not for sorrow earth was made. [5]

Such is the Secret. It is here, everywhere, within the very heart of the world. The “well of honey beneath the rock,” the “childlike laughter of the Infinite” that we are, the luminous Future that pushes back our past. Evolution is far from being over. It is not an absurd merry-go-round, not a fall, nor a vanity fair. It is

... the adventure of consciousness and joy. [6]

The Ponder Corner: Auroville in India

India must recognize Auroville’s genius, the Divine Child of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and to give him her hand, as much as Auroville must recognize what Sri Aurobindo said about India: « India will experience a mightier renaissance, richer with changes and fruits than all what preceded it (…). It is an immense change at the universal level, a new birth of humanity which prepares itself, and the change in us is only a part of it. » (Translated from French)

With lots of Love,
Submitted by GangaLakshmi

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