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15 April 2017

On Wells #4

One of the goals of the Water Group is to bring increased transparency to our process and the data we collect, so that you can stay informed about water in this region. As we mentioned last week, Ramesh collects data about the levels of wells. That data is then published on our website. While most of the site is still under construction, the GIS page is not only live, but it’s constantly being updated. You’re invited to check it out for yourself: Visit Data>GIS.

Once in the Dashboard, click on “Measures”, then on “Wells”, and finally select the well from the dropdown list. You can also download data of each well through the button “Download CSV” and open it with your spreadsheet software (Excel or similar). One aspect that we want to improve on is to provide information about what your well level reading means, both for your community and in the larger context of the bioregion.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement. We look forward to your feedback!

Next week: Water saving tips for summer

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