News & Notes 695:Call for abstracts for Bajaj project

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15 April 2017

Call for abstracts for Bajaj project

Dear Auroville Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that SAIIER has received a generous donation from Bajaj Auto under the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) requirement of the Central Government of India.

The donation is specified to fund activities in the overarching category of “promoting education” and “All activities under the CSR activities should be environment friendly and socially acceptable to the local people and Society.”

The SAIIER Board invites the submission of abstracts/concept notes for projects that fit under the overarching category above as well as the guiding principles and at least one of the focal areas outlined below.

The sub-categories/focal areas of development that have been decided upon by the SAIIER Board are:

  1. Innovative educational practices that are being applied, or could be applied, inside and outside of Auroville;
  2. Physical education, including adventure and rural sports;
  3. Enhancing facilities for science and technology education;
  4. Higher education opportunities and exchanges;
  5. Improving environmental sustainability and ecological balance, including related initiatives to raise awareness;
  6. Enhance educational experiences and activities through technology.

Guiding principles/priorities for:

  1. Projects in which emphasis is placed on reflecting a spirit of innovation.
  2. Expenses/budgets that would be difficult to include in GoI grant requests.
  3. Projects with wide and far-reaching impacts, rather than micro-projects.

We are also interested to see programs and activities that directly or indirectly benefit those below the age of 30.

The project duration will be one year, with quarterly and final reports expected. Support for this and for final project writing will be available for those who feel it is needed.

Please submit abstracts no later than Monday, 8th May, to, specifying ‘abstract for Bajaj project’ in the subject line. This is to make a clear distinction between projects applying for funding through this scheme and projects that will be applying through SAIIER’s regular GoI grant scheme.

We look forward to receiving many interesting and innovative ideas!

The SAIIER Board (Ashoke C, Chali, Clare, Jean-Yves, Jyoti K, Lucas, Michael H, Sanjeev A, Sanjeev R, Sauro)