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8 April 2017

The Maya’s Hyena

“The hyena has the last laugh. Striped hyenas or Hyaena hyaena, a mammal of the Carnivora order and Hyaenidae family, were commonly found in the wild and bushy semi-arid and pastoral lands of India, Central Asia, North and East Africa, West Asia and Turkey till two decades ago. Striped hyenas could be closer to 5000 than 14000 in number now.” (The Hindu, 14 Jan. 2017, p.13)

A guest from Russia, a musician, told me that he saw and heard a hyena in the Aspiration community. I answered, that this is maya, illusion: there aren’t hyenas in Auroville. “But I made a photo”. I saw this photo – a dog was in it. But this guest is sure now, that he saw and heard really a hyena in Aspiration.

Jean in Two Banyans met a female hyena with two cubs in the Nilgiris. He said that this animal is mainly a scavenger; it usually eats bones after a tiger has killed and eaten the meat of any animal. In nature we can see many examples of close collaboration. If this connection is useful to both sides, it is called a symbiosis. For example the banyan is pollinated by small wasps. They cannot live separately – the big banyan and this species of tiny wasps.

I think that a long time ago the hyenas and tigers may have lived in the Auroville area – it was jungle here during the Satyayuga – during the Gold Age. But afterwards the Industrial Revolution started or Kalyayuga – Iron Age. Till 1968 Auroville place was semi-deserted with a few trees only. It was bad for hyenas, tigers and for human beings. Now we have a green oasis in Auroville with the dogs, some of which are similar to hyenas. Hyenas and tigers need plants in their environment but they do not need roads. People create new and very wide roads and kill for this purpose a lot of trees. The technical monsters move with great speed, they are dangerous for animals as well as for human beings.

During the Satyayuga people moved about in flying vehicles – vimanas – they did not need roads. Now the roads and the parking places for cars are too common on our planet. If the sunbeams kiss the plants, it starts a photosynthesis process: green creatures produce the oxygen, biomass, good soil, shading canopy. But if the sunbeams reach the roads or the parking places for the cars, they return to the cosmos. This process is called entropy; it is against life on the planet. The Technical Revolution for mankind is like the Trojan Wood Horse.

Where do the roads go? To Rome? To nirvana, moksha, meditation places in forests and mountains? No, they are used mainly for business, profit, for money. Poor plants, hyenas, tigers – poor nature! The plants are the producers, the animals and people are the consumers – they can live because there are plants. The pollution crisis on the earth is a problem whose origin is mankind. Nature as a whole is a living being. If we use violence, it answers adequately. Only eco-philosophy can give us a good future.