News & Notes 694:Realizing my dream – a bird rescue center in Auroville

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8 April 2017

Realizing my dream – a bird rescue center in Auroville

694 bird rescue center.jpg

It all began when I went for a trip to Delhi and we visited a bird hospital and I thought it would be nice to have this in Auroville. It took about a year before my dream came true to have a rescue center for birds in Auroville. All thanks to Aurosylle who encouraged me to make it happen. She gave me a lot of input and advice about how to take care of birds. Also thanks to my father and Amos who helped me to build a big cage for caring for wounded birds.

My first two patients were a Koel and a Kingfisher. The Koel had a problem with his legs and didn’t manage to land from flight or perch and hold a branch. The kingfisher had a broken neck from a fight with a crow and couldn’t hold up his head. He needed to be force-fed.

I looked after them for about 2 weeks, but unfortunately they didn’t make it.

My next patient was an owl that Aurosylle was looking after until she gave her to me for care. She was partly blind … we thought she had had a stroke which damaged her sight. In the beginning, I had to force feed her live geckos and minced meat. And then after a while she started eating properly by herself. And then one day, it was my grandfather’s birthday (he died a few months ago)… we were planting a tree for him, and then I went to the owl and found that she had managed to let herself free (even though the cage is safe!)… I tried looking for her and the next morning I saw her free with a mouse in her beak.

I am continuing to take care of wild birds (no pets!). If you find a bird that needs my help, please call me on 7598467796.

Thank you, love,