News & Notes 694:On Wells No.3

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8 April 2017

On Wells #3

Since June 2016, the Water Group has been monitoring more than 80 wells in Auroville on a regular basis. While this information used to be gathered by Water Harvest, data is missing for a period of about 10 years, leaving behind a massive gap. The importance of consistent monitoring over time can’t be overstated, as it’s our main way to try to understand the dynamics of groundwater. Right now we have one team member, Ramesh, with occasional help from volunteers, who takes well readings each day in different communities throughout Auroville. He tries to go to each community on a fixed weekday (each Monday one community, each Tues another community, etc.). Ramesh tries to contact communities a day before he comes. One reason he does this is so that pumps can be shut off in advance, in order to give an accurate reading. Please, if Ramesh gets in touch with you – welcome him!

The Water Group plans to reduce the frequency of the readings for each well. If before it was done at a pace of once every one or two weeks, we are now planning to do it once a month. Instead, we plan to enlarge the monitoring area so that we can get a wider picture of what’s happening under our feet.

Next week: Where to find this data.

Water Group, watergroup (at)