News & Notes 694:BCC Presentation at the GM held on 17 March 2017

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694 icon.jpg   News & Notes 694
8 April 2017

BCC Presentation at the GM held on 17 March 2017

Introduction to the BCC

(Presented by Ananda)

  • The Budget Coordination Committee (BCC) is a subgroup of the FAMC
  • It has a mandate approved by FAMC.
  • It usually meets on Thursdays from 14:30 to 17:00
  • It exceptionally has additional meetings if needed
  • It is a group composed mainly of representatives of other major working groups.
No. Name Group represented / function Members
1 Afsaneh Guest Facility Coordination Group (GFCG) Who can vote if needed
2 Ananda City Services Who can vote if needed
3 Anne ABS Who can vote if needed
4 Claudine Community at large Who can vote if needed
5 Hari Outreach education Who can vote if needed
6 Jean-Yves SAIIER Who can vote if needed
7 Palani ABC Who can vote if needed
8 Rathinam Unity Fund Who can vote if needed
9 Renuka AVC Who can vote if needed
10 Sumathi Farms / FoodLink Who can vote if needed
11 Surya Community at large Who can vote if needed
12 Vani PCG Who can vote if needed
13 Venkat HRT Who can vote if needed
1 Kowsalya Observer (YouthLink) cannot vote
2 Nicolas Special finance tasks (+ backstopping Ursula) cannot vote
3 Nina BCC secretary cannot vote
4 Ursula BCC coordinator (finance) cannot vote

Topics during BCC meetings:

  • Allocation of recurring budgets (including Aurovilian maintenances)
  • Yearly wage increase
  • Allocation of non-recurring budgets
  • Exceptional non-budgeted requests
  • Exceptional non-budgeted Aurovilian maintenance allocations
  • Summer repairs allocations for schools.
  • Contribution policies and implementation
  • Miscellaneous (incl. topics referred to the FAMC).

Update on City Services financial situation – February 2017

(Presented by Jean-Yves)

694 BCC 1.jpg

694 BCC 2.jpg

694 BCC 3.jpg

The role and functioning of Human Resources Team (HRT) – a sub-group of the BCC

(Presented by Jyotiprem)


  • Deal with requests for maintenance (City Services): full-time, half-time, bridging, maternity, children, student, apprentice and disabilities maintenance, Nandini Scheme and In-Kind Scheme. Aurovilians and Newcomers requesting a maintenance will be invited to the HRT office for an interview.
  • Deal with requests for payment of: dental treatment, visa and passport fees, special medical treatment e.g alcoholism (in collaboration with ‘Alcoholic Anonymous’).
  • Decisions taken by HRT will be communicated to the Financial Services, who will make the actual transfers.
  • Help in the coordination of the Lunch Scheme and the Health Fund.
  • Keep track of all the allocations and ensure that they stay within budget.
  • Provide available information and discuss certain issues with the relevant groups.
  • Maintain and update the database of the Human Resources of Auroville.
  • Review maintenance related policies and propose appropriate changes to the BCC and the FAMC whenever necessary.
  • Prepare letters, stating the amount of maintenance an Aurovilian receives, that are needed for filing income tax returns and other official purposes.
  • City Services Contribution (CSC): update the contribution list; contact people who are not working and not contributing; contact people who have an activity but are not contributing; grant contribution waivers.
  • HRT has a representative in the BCC.
  • Assisting Aurovilians and Newcomers to find a suitable workplace.

One example of tasks commissioned by the BCC for greater clarity

As an example of tasks commissioned by the BCC for greater clarity – the work on building up a baseline data on people working in Auroville was presented by Harini. This is a work in progress. As soon as it is completed it will be reported to the community.