News & Notes 694:An Old Story still alive

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8 April 2017

An Old Story still alive

A long time ago we were a ‘matriarchal’ planet... Yes, women were in charge of everything!

They owned all the property of the family and took all important decisions and guided men at their work.

The planet was well balanced till about five thousand years ago…

After having lived like that for many centuries, HEAVEN finally told EARTH: “You have ruled for very long, I’m tired of being bossed. Now I will guide and I will close my heart chakra to be able to rule intelligently with the Mind.”

The Earth Mother contemplated for a moment his demand and lived all the new lessons that will approach the human children. With a heavy heart she answered: “I accept, now you rule, but to permit you to do so without interfering, I will close my throat chakra in order not to talk against you.”

No sooner said than done.

HEAVEN closed his heart, blocked every man’s heart chakra on the planet and when EARTH closed her throat chakra, every woman’s throat chakra was blocked.

So men began to reign and approach the cold power of the intellect, missing the sincere balance of the Heart.

Women became possessions, largely treated like animals, because their throat chakra was closed with Fear.

By GangaLakshmi (Savitri Bhavan, House of Mother's Agenda)