News & Notes 693:Submission of AV Health Scheme for community feedback

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693 icon.jpg   News & Notes 693
1 April 2017

Submission of AV Health Scheme for community feedback

Dear Community, the Auroville Health Scheme which was earlier called “The Auroville Health Fund” has been amended and after the feedback from different working groups, including FAMC, AVCouncil and BCC, is now awaiting feedback from the community.

The office bearers of Auroville Health Scheme are Paula and Lakshmi.

The support/care group of Auroville Health Scheme are Carel for Working Committee, Ulli for the FAMC, Afsaneh, Vani and Sourya for the BCC, Paula and Hilde for the Auroville Health Scheme and Sumeet and Ruslan for Santé.

The document is on Auronet for your perusal: [...]

The last date for submitting feedback is 15th of April. Please send your feedback to ras (at) Thanking you in advance for your collaboration.

Warm regards,
For the Auroville Council (Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Marc, Matriprasad, Mita, Renuka, Sandyra and Sundar)