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25 March 2017

House of Mother's Agenda

Important dates in the terrestrial consciousness


And I made a date with you for fifty years from now. I was very serious: I was laughing. When I laugh I am being serious.

[…] I said it was for those who love me. That's the point. For those who have loved me, well, it's all right, I give it to them; even if they forget me, it will make them remember. But it's my gift to those who continue to love me. And I don't intend to give them a worthless gift.

No, no, I must really have expressed myself very poorly, because it was quite the opposite. I deem this Agenda far too intimate, far too near and dear to me, to be thrown as fodder to a bunch of idiots!

Agenda, 13 March 1962

What I say is becoming more and more difficult....

Perhaps fifty years from now people will understand!

Agenda, 12 June 1962


In fifty years the whole world, all the receptive section of humanity (I am not saying intellectual, I am saying receptive), all the receptive section of the world will be embraced – not “embraced”: ABSORBED in the power of Sri Aurobindo's thought.

Those who already are have the good fortune of being the first ones, that's all.

Agenda, 16 February 1972


[Regarding Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consciousness:]

There is always the sense of it needing a hundred years to have its full effect.

Agenda, 20 December 1961


It will be very easy for those who come in one or two hundred years; they will only have to choose: not to belong to the old system any more or else to belong to the new. But now....

Agenda, 13 February 1962

And as for what happened here in Pondicherry, there's no need to make it very long. Because from the time he withdrew to his room (to be exact, from about the time we moved from the house over there to this one), his life no longer belonged to the public. And what happened... well, it will be interesting in a hundred years. Not now.

Agenda, 18 August 1962


Actually, when people speak of transformation, they're mainly thinking of a picturesque transformation, aren't they? A beautiful appearance – luminous, supple, plastic, changing at will.... But they don't give much thought to this other thing, this rather... anesthetic transformation of the organs! And yet it's certainly what's going to happen first, long before the appearance is transformed.

Sri Aurobindo spoke of the working of the chakras replacing the organs.

Yes – 300 years, he said! (Mother laughs.)

Agenda, 6 October 1962

The Ponder Corner: “The only hope for the future is in a change of man's consciousness and the change is bound to come. But it is left to men to decide if they will collaborate in this change or if it will have to be enforced upon them by the power of crushing circumstances.”

Then, at the end, I put:

“So wake up and collaborate.”

Agenda, 31 January 1964
(Submitted by André Tardeil)