News & Notes 692:Change of and/or Renewal of term of Executives of Matrimandir

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692 icon.jpg   News & Notes 692
25 March 2017

Change of and/or Renewal of term of Executives of Matrimandir

Dear members of the community,

This is to inform you that the term of office of the present team of executives of the Matrimandir, Elumalai, John, Srimoyi, and Pierre, has come to an end.

The present team has informed us that it is willing to step down as soon as a new team of executives will be in place.

They also informed us that all four of them, in whatever position, will remain at work at Matrimandir and will be on hand to facilitate the handover of responsibilities to the new team.

Like the present team, the new team of executives will have to deal with the areas of labour, finance, project development and visitors’ access. Regarding visitors access, the existing Access Core Group will continue to take overall care. However, all Matrimandir executives are linked to this group and participate in decision making on major issues.

The new team will be appointed for a period of 4 years.

Apart from the general management and maintenance of the Matrimandir, the team will be specifically responsible for:

  1. Completion of the rooms being built beneath the Amphitheatre
  2. Completion of the four entrances to the Matrimandir building
  3. Completion of the Oval Island, with particular reference to the completion of the 12 gardens
  4. Completion of the oval road surrounding the gardens
  5. Constructing the New Service Facility for the future support of Matrimandir to replace the existing old offices and facilities. (Site permission for this new Service Facility has already been given by TDC)
  6. Constructing the new Matrimandir Visitors Reception Centre
  7. Collaborate in the project of the building of the Matrimandir Lake (in close cooperation with the TDC and the community)

The new team will need to be knowledgeable about the Matrimandir and the Mother's vision of the Matrimandir project, and have the required skills and qualifications to take up this work.

Especially, the new team should be known for their spirit of service and dedication to the Auroville project and for their commitment to the vision of Mother and Sri Aurobindo for Auroville.


  1. We request the community to propose names for the new team latest by April 5th, 2017 to the RAS.
  2. Existing executives are eligible for re-appointment.
  3. The RAS will contact the persons proposed to see if they are willing to serve.
  4. The RAS will publish the names of those proposed and willing to serve.
  5. This will be followed by a 2-week period feedback in which community members can give feedback to the RAS on the names proposed. This feedback can be in the form of support or objections. The feedback will be shared by the RAS with the persons concerned and the Auroville Council and the Working Committee.
  6. This will be followed by the appointment of a new team of executives by the Working Committee jointly with the Auroville Council, in consultation with the former Matrimandir executives.

Please send your proposal for new names to the RAS at: raservice (at)

The Working Committee and Auroville Council